Jolly Roger

In the depths of the ocean, covered in shells and mud, rests a chest as old as the oldest Pirates of the Caribbean. Nobody knows where it is. All that is known is that once every hundred years, at low tide, an entrance to an ancient cave emerges from beneath the sea and next to that cave, inside, is the Blackbeard Pirate's Chest, locked with a thousand and one riddles that many have tried to open, but none have succeeded.

It is said that the chest has been found by another great Pirate, the Pirate Cutface. He was never very skilled at solving riddles, so he has decided to transport it on his ship to force the wisest of the new world to open it for him, thereby What he doesn't count on is that a group of intrepid stowaways anticipate his evil intentions. Can you unravel the mystery of the chest and take possession of its treasures?

​But be careful, you will only have one hour until the chest, wherever it is, vanishes and returns to the depths of the ocean next to the cave that houses it.

It is a type of Escape Room reduced to a single object that is given at the start of the activity and contains various, varied challenges, riddles and puzzles inside to be solved within a time limit. In other words, it is a special object that makes up the Escape Room itself.


  • 1 person: 70€/pers.
  • 2 persons: 35€/pers.
  • 3 persons: 26€/pers.
  • 4 persons: 23€/pers.
  • 5 persons: 20€/pers.
  • From 6 persons: 19€/pers.

  • (+376) 670 670
  • Komnata Quest Andorra
    Carrer Antic Carrer Major, 25
    AD500 Andorra la Vella
  • From
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Jolly Roger

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